Temperature Screening Kiosk for Businesses and Schools

Masks and social distancing can only help so much. Protect customers, employees and students by screening them with a fast, accurate,  infrared body temperature kiosk -- before they enter your facility.

Stand or Wall Mount Temperature Scanner

The Fastest, Safest Way to Check Temperatures Is 100% Touchless Temperature Screening Kiosk.

SafeScreen body temperature kiosk reads temperatures in less than 2 seconds from up to 3 feet away.

Stand or Wall-Mount Temperature Scanner

Fever Alert

Initiates an alert to indicate when a user registers a reading higher than 100.4° Fahrenheit.

Stand or Wall-mounted Temperature Scanner

Mask Detection

Advanced facial recognition AI detects when users are wearing masks and generates a non-compliance alert.

Stand or Wall-Mounted Temperature Scanner

Infrared Sensor

Utilizes the world’s leading infrared thermopile array technology to rapidly detect body temperature.

Completely Automated, Non-Contact Stand or Wall-Mounted Temperature Kiosk

Takes a temperature safely from up to 2-feet away without pointing a "temperature gun" to someone's head. 

Temperature Kiosk

Automated  Temperature Kiosk

All-in-One infrared temperature scanner technology

The most cost-efficient and safest way to reopen your business while easily complying with government or company policies is temperature kiosks. Available in a variety of stand sizes or wall-mounted, SafeScreen provides quick temperature readings at business entrances. 

Temperature Kiosk

FDA Recommended HIPAA Compliance

Adheres to CDC and EEOC Guidelines

The FDA recommends utilizing temperature kiosks. like infrared thermometers to screen people before they enter your building or venue.   No need to hire someone to take temperatures all day. Safescreen is completely automated and works with access control devices. 

Temperature Kiosk

Discrete Temperature Scanning

Safe access & scanning without "thermometer guns"

Eliminate the added cost of staffing someone at every entrance - and no need to put an attendant at risk. Available in wall or stand mount, SafeScreen Pro body temperature scanner is perfect for any building entrance.

Easy Setup

The SafeScreen Temperature Kiosk is ready to go in minutes! Simply place it in the desired location, turn it on, and start screening.

Access Control

SafeScreen can be connected with automatic doors, turnstiles, or ticketing systems to restrict entry access to people who have a fever.

Offline & Online Facial Detection

SafeScreen's facial recognition and temperature readings can be stored or relayed to HR systems, providing seamless management in high traffic locations (optional).

User-Friendly Interface

Our automated touchless thermometer system will rapidly scan individuals as they approach. Scan in seconds to keep the entrance clear and moving.

Wifi Connectivity

SafeScreen Temperature Kiosk WiFi capability allows for remote management, data capture and information relay.

1-Year Warranty

US 1-year manufacturer warranty and support via phone/email on all our body temperature scanning devices. Extended warranty available.

Temperature Kiosk

Advanced Thermo Imaging Technology

  • Hygienic, fully automated all-in-one temperature kiosk with touchless thermometer.
  • Maintain a safe environment with our Temperature Kiosk by reducing risk and limiting access.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety for consumers and employees.
  • The fastest and most accurate thermal body temperature dectector system on the market.
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Temperature Kiosk Use Cases

Business Temperature Kiosk


Restaurant Temperature Kiosk


Medical Temperature Kiosk


Transportation Temperature Kiosk


Body Temperature Kiosk For Hotels


Body Temperature Kiosk for Schools


Body Temperature Kiosk for Venues


Body Temperature Kiosk for Gyms


Compact & User-Friendly Design

  • technical specs

  • access & analytics

  • dimensions

  • Options


  • CPU RK3288 quad-core Cortex-A18 @1.8G GPU Mail T764
  • RAM 2GB
  • Internal Memory 8GB (Gen1) / 16GB (Gen2)
  • Operating System Android 5.1 (Gen1) / Android 8.1 (Gen2)


  • 8” full view IPS LCD screen
  • Resolution 800 x 1280 luminance 400
  • Contrast Ratio 1000:1
  • Brightness 250cd/M
  • Aspect Ratio 16:10


  • Wifi 802.11b/g/n 2.4G
  • Bluetooth 4.1


  • USB OTG data
  • RJ-45 100M/100M Ethernet
  • Power DC 12V


  • Temperature Accuracy +/- 0.3° C or +/- 0.54° F
  • Measurement Distance 0.3 - 0.8 Meters
  • Dual Light Infrared Thermo Imaging Detection: Heimann/ Melexis/ Ormon Sensor HTPA32x32d
  • Temperature Range Detection 28° C / 82.4 F to 43° C / 109.4 F


  • Overall Power Consumption Below 18W
  • Protection Level IP54
  • ESD Positive and negative 4K contact discharge/8Kv air discharge
  • Product Warranty: US 1 year manufacturer warranty and support, via email or phone. Optional extended warranty is available.

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